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Public Lecture: Ekranoplan aircraft

February 26 @ 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

From an Old to a New Concept: The Ekranoplan (Waterborne Ground Effect Aircraft), a Solution for Green Aviation

Prof. Laurent Dala, Northumbria University

With increasing numbers of passengers and freight transport around the world, logistics and transport companies are under pressure to increase the number of flights they offer. But this increase in global air traffic comes at a time when the aviation industry is being challenged to reduce noise and air pollution. Researchers are looking for hybrid technologies capable of solving this problem. Professor Laurent Dala will explain how the use of waterborne aircraft could be the answer. In his lecture he will discuss how the Ekranoplan concept has the potential to offer high-speed efficient marine transport if aerodynamic and hydrodynamic obstacles can be overcome.

Professor Dala is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, a Chartered Engineer and a Past President of the Aeronautical Society of South Africa. Prior to joining Northumbria, he was Chair Professor and Head of the Aerospace Research Group at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. Professor Dala’s research is based on a multi- and cross-discipline approach, combining analytical/engineering, experimental and computational methods.

Refreshments from 6pm.

This event will be held in Northumbria University’s Business and Law building, City Campus East (Building 5 on this enormous PDF map).

Free admission, but if possible please register in advance.

Tihs event isn’t organised by NUSTEM, but we think you might like it anyway.
Heading image: Ekranoplan Orlyonok, licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA from Wikimedia Commons user ‘F l a n k e r’, from an original by Sergey Rodovnichenko.