Imagining the Sun

An art/science collaboration between Northumbria University’s solar physics group, poet Katrina Porteus, artist Helen Schell and composer Peter Zinovieff, funded by the Science & Technology Facilities Council.

Think Physics

Our flagship project, a three-year £1.2m HEFCE grant to develop, deliver and evaluate ‘cradle to career’ support for physical sciences students, with partner schools across the North-East of England.


Engineering for Families

Building on Think Physics’ Science for Families, this new scheme will deliver parent/child engineering experiences, promoting discussion and learning around the manipulation of the physical world.

Backed by the Platten Family Fund, via the Communities Foundation.

GCSE Astronomy

In partnership with the Centre for Life, in 2016–17 we’re delivering an Astronomy GCSE evening class. The course has been over-subscribed many times over.

Maker Activities

With support from the Reece Foundation, we develop and run ”Maker” activities for all ages and particularly families, most often integrated with our Think Physics work. Increasingly, you’ll see this work online, and through Engineering for Families too.

Our installations and activities for Maker Faire UK have won four ‘Maker of Merit’ awards.

Tim Peake Primary Project

Based around Tim Peake’s historic mission to the International Space Station in 2015/16 and coordinated by ESERO-UK (the UK Space Education Office), this project features space-themed workshops and activities for primary children.

Explore Your Universe

NUSTEM is a regional centre for the delivery of this ASDC-led initiative to share the amazing stories and technologies of the STFC.

Summer Schools

As part of Think Physics, we deliver summer schools for late primary children. In addition, we deliver an engineering summer school for year 12 girls studying physical sciences, supported by the Reece Foundation.

Royal Institution Masterclasses

As part of this national network, the NUSTEM team delivers engineering Masterclasses and hosts the regional Annual Celebration event.

See more at the Royal Institution’s site.

From Sea-Monsters to Science

Coming soon!

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The NUSTEM team supports academic staff across the Faculty of Engineering & Environment, offering consultancy on the definition, funding and delivery of public engagement projects; education and curriculum relevancy advice; and expertise and training in communication, facilitation, research impact, and media skills.

We’re also regional partners for several national initiatives, and have the talent and capacity to deliver through our network of partner schools and businesses, and beyond.


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