Partner Schools


The content of this page is a little out of date, and some parts are plain broken. We’ll dust it off and introduce it to 2020 shortly. In the meantime, thanks for your patience.

While we can show up and deliver a workshop, the research is unequivocal: ongoing engagements are much more beneficial than one-off activities. We’re therefore concentrating on working with partner schools to develop long-term relationships.

In its first year, the project worked with an initial group of fifteen schools from across the North-East. In our second year we expanded rapidly, working with a total of thirty schools through to the end of our initial three-year period.

For 2017-18 we’ve rejigged a little, and continue to work closely with around 30 schools. Some of our partners are multi-site Academies, which makes a precise total tricky!


Partner Schools, 2014–15


Partner Schools, 2015 onwards

Partner Schools – Primary

Partner Schools – Secondary