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Family Learning Awards shortlist

We're delighted to announce that 'Play, Be, C' has been shortlisted in the #EarlyYears category for the Family Learning Awards from the Campaign for Learning!
The aim of ‘Play, Be, C’ is to develop, deliver and enable a high-quality STEM activities in the Early Years and Foundation Stage (EYFS).
10 April, 2024/by Carol
Purple crocus lawn at Wallington Hall, Northumberland

NUSTEM Update – Spring 2024

This post outlines the activities that the NUSTEM team have taken part in since January 2024.
27 March, 2024/by Carol

NEW Research Project launched

At the ASE conference last week, we launched our new research…
8 January, 2024/by Carol

NUSTEM Update – Autumn 2023

A review of the last term for NUSTEM as we approach the end of the calendar Year. Read about the different activities that the team have been doing.
19 December, 2023/by Caitlin Pinkerton
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NUSTEM Annual Report 2022 – 2023

With every new year, there is a time for looking back and planning…
11 September, 2023/by Carol

All primary school children should receive early careers education

We have worked together with the North East Local Enterprise…
12 July, 2023/by Annie Padwick

Evaluating sustained STEM engagements: what we wish we had known

This is a story about evaluation, why good evaluation can be…
16 May, 2023/by Annie Padwick
Group of children and adult doing a science and craft activity

Creativity Clubs – learning by doing

Last year, NUSTEM and Success 4 All, ran a year long project…
30 March, 2023/by Carol

Attributes and Aspirations: Round-up of our recent research

In September last year Carol and I had the pleasure of visiting…
31 January, 2023/by Annie Padwick

Annual report published

NUSTEM's vision is:
A vibrant and sustainable STEM sector which…
29 September, 2022/by Carol

Exploring STEM Engagement with Engineering Students

Over the last few NUSTEM colleagues from NUSTEM have been working…
11 May, 2022/by Joe Shimwell

Lessons from the National Pupil Database

Many years ago, when NUSTEM was still Think Physics, we developed…
26 April, 2022/by Carol
Poster: this class has gone 0 days without singing 'We don't talk about Bruno'

We don’t talk about Pluto

If you haven't…
14 March, 2022/by Jonathan

STEM person of the week volunteers wanted

We know that children (and adults) often have a stereotypical…
14 February, 2022/by Carol
Adult and child playing

Improving diversity in STEM sectors Infographic

Diverse teams produce more creative and innovative solutions…
20 August, 2021/by Carol

How do people who work in STEM describe themselves?

Does your work involve science, technology, engineering or…
19 April, 2021/by Carol

Children’s early career choices

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Hamish Johnston…
3 April, 2021/by Carol

Maximising impact of STEM outreach

There are many, many organisations that want to increase diversity…
1 December, 2020/by Carol

Teaching Careers in Primary School

Our research at NUSTEM has shown that children have very gendered…
12 October, 2020/by Carol

Gearing up for remote workshops

As our partner primary schools well know, the sharp end of NUSTEM…
11 August, 2020/by Jonathan