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Gearing up for remote workshops

As our partner primary schools well know, the sharp end of NUSTEM…
11 August, 2020/by Jonathan


18 March, 2020/by Carol

Theory of Change paper published

You might have noticed common threads appearing through our…
30 January, 2020/by Jonathan

Shortlisted – UK Career Development Awards

Friends of NUSTEM will know that we have been supporting…
30 January, 2020/by Carol

Airbus GEDC Diversity Award – Shortlisted

It’s not just us who bang on about diversity in the engineering…
28 January, 2020/by Jonathan

Kate back in Antarctica

Last year, we followed Dr. Kate Winter's trip to the Princess…
27 January, 2020/by Jonathan

Tales of Engineering – making magnificent things with children and their families …

After a few months of developing our website and getting our…
13 January, 2020/by Antonio Portas

STEM jobs at Museums Northumberland

NUSTEM have been collaborating with Museums Northumberland this…
11 December, 2019/by Carol

First conNecTed device prototypes

Our friends from the Life Science Centre visited us today, and…
22 November, 2019/by Jonathan

NUSTEM: The year in Numbers

2 October, 2019/by Carol

Kate Winter on Bloomberg

Remember when former NUSTEM staffer Dr. Kate Winter went to…
29 July, 2019/by Jonathan

2019 WISE Awards: Finalist!

NUSTEM are delighted to be recognised by the WISE Campaign as…
26 July, 2019/by Jonathan

Tales of Engineering – call for volunteers

Some of our primary books

NUSTEM has been awarded a prestigious…
10 July, 2019/by Antonio Portas

Educate North Awards 2019

20 March, 2019/by Carol

National Careers Week 2019 – putting careers in the curriculum

6 March, 2019/by Carol

Nuffield Research Placements

26 February, 2019/by Becky Wilson

Bullwhips, breaking the sound barrier, and science in progress

New year resolution: blog more.

We’ve been big fans of…
4 January, 2019/by Jonathan

Kate in Antarctica: Life on Base

Kate’s been stuck inside with bad weather – windy, with…
3 January, 2019/by Jonathan

Kate in Antarctica!

Kate's made it to the Princess Elisabeth Research Station, which…
27 December, 2018/by Jonathan

Kate in Cape Town

Our intrepid geologist Kate has made it about as far South as…
21 December, 2018/by Jonathan

Kate’s heading to Antarctica!

Long-term NUSTEM partners will recognise Dr. Kate Winter's name…
3 December, 2018/by Jonathan