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Family Space Explorers

We're always looking for new ways to engage different audiences,…
20 November, 2017/by Joe Shimwell

Jam on!

Whether digital making is already your jam or if you’ve never…
4 October, 2017/by Jonathan

Tetrahedral Kite, Beamish

As part of Beamish Museum's 'Wind in Your Sails' event, visitors…
1 July, 2017/by Jonathan
Image from Imperial Wikichem. Photo from Dr Jess Wade

International Women in Engineering Day 2017

Today (23rd June) is International Women in Engineering Day.

23 June, 2017/by Carol

Goodbye Think Physics, hello NUSTEM

We’ve changed our name.

We started as Think Physics in 2014,…
8 March, 2017/by Jonathan

125,000 rpm centrifuge… powered by hand, made from cardboard

This is outstanding!

One of the first steps in a whole host…
11 January, 2017/by Jonathan

(Raspberry) Pioneers, Bright Ideas: opportunities for secondary students

The lovely people at the Raspberry Pi Foundation – the folks who…
11 January, 2017/by Jonathan

Astronauts, sports scholarships, the web, deforestation, and the power of unexpected connections

Here’s a delightful little story from web developer Sarah Mei, posted…
10 January, 2017/by Jonathan

Connecting with Physics

When I did my A-levels a couple of decades ago, there were only…
9 January, 2017/by Carol

It’s 2017, the year the Sun goes out

Happy New Year! We…
6 January, 2017/by Jonathan

Work with us! Ogden Science Officer vacancy with the Think Physics team

We’re recruiting!

If you’re of a physics sort of persuasion…
28 November, 2016/by Jonathan

See you this week? Timandra Harkness on Big Data and SUN at Life

This week we’ve not one but two outstanding opportunities to get…
15 November, 2016/by Jonathan

New competition for secondaries: Microsoft STEM Student Challenge

I know, I know – the education world is awash with competitions. Stick…
3 November, 2016/by Jonathan

Maker Faire UK 2017 announced

It’s baaa-aaaaack!

The greatest show (and tell) on Earth…
28 October, 2016/by Jonathan

The Amazingly Enormous STEM Careers Poster

Here’s a neat resource from the terrific folks behind the…
27 October, 2016/by Jonathan

Calendar updates

If you’ve not visited our calendar of upcoming events recently,…
23 September, 2016/by Jonathan

2015–16: The Year in Numbers

19 September, 2016/by Jonathan

Win a Free Astronomy Trip to the Alps

The European Southern Observatory is organising an Astronomy…
13 September, 2016/by Annie Padwick

Careers in the (primary) classroom?

There have been some news articles recently about universities,…
31 August, 2016/by Carol

Summer holiday science

At this stage in the summer holiday, sometimes it can get a bit…
23 August, 2016/by Carol

Raspberry Pi Day of Making: Apply now!

The Raspberry Pi Foundation (the lovely folks who spend the money…
3 August, 2016/by Jonathan

Chain Reactions (with electronics)

Like everyone else delivering ‘maker’ education, we use…
25 July, 2016/by Jonathan

Physics Summer Schools

In my previous job, I used to be part of a team that ran teacher…
14 July, 2016/by Carol