Goodbye Think Physics, hello NUSTEM

We’ve changed our name.

We started as Think Physics in 2014, but as the project has grown we’ve come to view that name as, well, not quite right. Whilst we continue to be committed to addressing the challenges facing — in particular — gender balance in the physical sciences, we now work much more broadly than our original name suggested. Within Northumbria University, we work across departments; with our partner primary schools we support the whole STEM curriculum; and at secondary we aim to support technology, engineering, computer science, maths, and more, in addition to physics.

So we’ve bitten the bullet and given ourselves a shiny new name which better reflects what we do. We’ve also switched from lovely organic green to dashing university orange.

We continue working with our partner schools and delivering everything we’ve done previously – and we’re  already finding our new name opens doors more widely across the University. So watch out for exciting news from us in the very near future.

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