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Gearing up for remote workshops

As our partner primary schools well know, the sharp end of NUSTEM starts with in-school workshops. We do many other things, but workshops are a key part of us meeting and working with schools and teachers, showcasing how we think practical investigation and careers ideas can be incorporated into science lessons, and prompting dialogue to […]


This is mostly a post to test that things work, but since we’re here: if you happen to have an iPad kicking around, Garageband (free download) is amazing. This is my 4 year-old getting properly absorbed by it. We had a lovely time playing with live loops and this drumkit sequencer, grooving away and chatting […]

Theory of Change paper published

You might have noticed common threads appearing through our work over the last few years. Behind the scenes, we’ve been working towards the development of an overall theory of change to guide our projects and delivery. Increasingly – as you’ll know if you work with us directly – we’ve been talking about it too. You […]

Airbus GEDC Diversity Award – Shortlisted

It’s not just us who bang on about diversity in the engineering workplace — some of the really big players in the sector do too. Organisations like: Airbus. They might be best-known for their aeroplanes, but they’re also doing some really interesting work around diversity and particularly gender representation in their workforce. To reflect their […]

Kate back in Antarctica

Last year, we followed Dr. Kate Winter’s trip to the Princess Elisabeth Research Station in Antarctica. A year later she’s back, and already a week behind schedule as wind and snow made it too risky to land her plane at the remote station, for a few days. In the photo above she’s chatting to the […]

First conNecTed device prototypes

Our friends from the Life Science Centre visited us today, and we spent the day hacking with cardboard and servo motors to make these puppets. We’re terribly proud of them. These are the first three prototypes of the sort of devices we’ll be making with a few hundred families across the North of Tyne region, […]


“We’ll need to see an implementation plan,” said the funder, “It seems like a complex project.”“That’s fine. I feel a Gantt chart coming on,” I replied, perhaps unwisely. This isn’t a Gantt chart, not in any detail: lots of intermediate stages are missing and there are few dependency links. However, (a.) it sets out the […]

Kate Winter on Bloomberg

Remember when former NUSTEM staffer Dr. Kate Winter went to Antarctica to continue her research on carbon dioxide uptake in the Southern Ocean? We followed her trip here on the NUSTEM website. Kate took some footage for news service Bloomberg, which is now out. Here she is: “I feel so lucky that I get to […]

2019 WISE Awards: Finalist!

NUSTEM are delighted to be recognised by the WISE Campaign as a Finalist for their 2019 Awards. We’re shortlisted in the Outreach and Engagement category, up against some outstanding individuals and another excellent university programme – the sort of company we’re more than happy to keep! WISE say: The awards recognise inspiring individuals and organisations […]