NUSTEM Annual Report 2022 – 2023

With every new year, there is a time for looking back and planning ahead.

The academic new year is the same.  Every year, the NUSTEM team spend time looking back at the work we have done over the past year, and plan our upcoming activities.

Our annual report for 2022-23 outlines just some of the work that we’ve done over the past year.

A key part of our work is to develop, deliver and enable high-quality STEM interventions for key stakeholders. This includes children and young people in 33 partner schools, their teachers and their families. The report describes some of the activities for children but also how we provide ongoing support for teachers to help them develop their teaching practice and embed STEM careers and attribute ideas into everyday lessons. We also support STEM outreach and widening participation at the university and encourage colleagues to work with primary schools in areas of deprivation in the North East.

Last year we had the priviledge of working with two cultural organisations: Life Science Centre and Northumberland Archives, and those projects are described in the report.

As well as being an outreach group, NUSTEM prides itself on the strength of research and evaluation that we also do. It’s important that we produce high quality research and evaluation on young people’s STEM learning and career choices, and share our findings with the wider STEM community.  The report also highlights our recent research about the state of career-related learning in primary schools, and two evaluations of projects with recommendations for other STEM organisations.

We hope that you enjoy reading the report, which can be found here: NUSTEM Annual Report 22_23