Inventive Podcast

Join Prof. Trevor Cox for this new podcast series,
mixing fact and fiction to explore the remarkable
stories of engineers.

Who we are & what we do

NUSTEM’s vision is of a vibrant and sustainable STEM sector which meets the needs of learners and employers, reflecting the diversity of wider society.

STEM Careers

NUSTEM’s collection of curriculum-linked worksheets and resources, made for teachers in both primary and secondary schools.

Our Research

Our methods, baseline findings and publications.

Working with Primary Schools

Curriculum-linked practical workshops, science coordinator teacher support, and more…

STEM at Home

Activities to support families with children from Early Years to Year 6, with easy-to-repeat science and engineering explorations.

Upcoming events


As a result of the current coronavirus situation, we’ve postponed all our upcoming events… and everybody else has too. We’ll bring our calendar back just as soon as we can.

Activities & Resources

Click for our full set of ‘Activities’ – notes to support our workshops, things to do, reports from things we’ve done, and more.

See our Resources section for background reading, position papers, research and more:

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