Gender & Unconscious Bias

An afternoon event for sixth-form students and STEM professionals including teachers. Explore our biases and strategies to reduce their impact.

Isaac Physics Workshops

Physics and Maths workshops for GCSE and A-level teachers and students.

A-Level Physics Required Practicals

Films to support teachers in delivering the core practicals.

Raspberry Jam #04 – Pi Birthday Edition

Explore digital making and programming in this family-friendly drop-in event.

Tickets now available!

Our Research

Our methods, baseline findings and publications.

Working with Primary Schools

Curriculum-linked practical workshops, science coordinator teacher support, and more…

Activities & Resources

Click for our full set of ‘Activities’ – notes to support our workshops, things to do, reports from things we’ve done, and more.

See our Resources section for background reading, position papers, research and more:

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