What we’re up to – Jan 21st edition

Things are so hectic we’ve rather forgotten to tell everyone what we’re up to. Here’s the run-down as of this afternoon, Wednesday 21st January 2015, 1400 GMT (you’ll have to imagine the bong! sounds, or if that means nothing to you, here’s the News at Ten opening from the 1970s to play while reading):

  • Carol and Joe are back from the ASE Annual Conference. They’ve written up the sessions they ran, with downloads and photos and everything:
  • I’ve been taking pretty pictures of a thing I can’t talk about yet. It looks a little bit like the water droplet photo at the top of this post.
  • Joe’s also been busy trying out workshops with schools, with the result that right now we have delightful pictures of giraffes on the website.
  • I’m fixing up more of the website – it’s very much a work-in-progress, so pages are still moving around a bit and some of it might not quite work. One bit that doesn’t work at all yet is the careers section, which explains why you haven’t heard from Emma yet.
  • Next on my list: a ‘People’ page, so you know who all these characters are.
  • …however, I’m about to run for a train, heading to BETT for the rest of the week.

More soon!


First delivery of the year

One of the dubious joys of starting a project from scratch is that you have to order everything. Pens, pencils. Microscopes. Soldering irons. Infra-red cameras. Meteorite samples. A cubic metre of snow globes. You name it, we’ve filled in the purchase order form for it.

Which means the next joy is receiving exciting deliveries every day. A parade of cardboard passes through Think Lab, boxes which might contain retort stands. Or miniature plastic palm trees. Or meteorite samples. Or small pieces of black metal shipped from China that must, somehow, be camera gear but have taken so long to arrive we can’t entirely work out what they’re for.

Today’s exciting delivery was… telephone directories. Joe says he has a plan for them, but that’s all we’ve got out of him so far.

Anyway – happy new year, and if you’ve unused telephone directories lying around: watch this space. As the directories put it, it will be packed full of useful stuff.