Sweets Experiment Lilly-Anne Nevin

Birds at Beamish

We found these birds in the Pit Village.

Oscar’s sweet experiment

Bird by the river Derwent

We saw this bird by the river but we didn’t know what it was. When we looked on the Internet we found out it was a heron.

Skittle Rainbow

It is like a sweetie magic trick!

Harriet age 3

Maizies skittle challange

Me and my mammy did this challenge and i loved watching the colours mix together
Maizie age 7

My hedgehog

I used some fruit to make a hedgehog. I used cocktail sticks to fix it together. Then I ate it. Yum.

Skittles experiment

My son says he had fun and says it looks like Mammy flowers

My amazing model

I reused some of the pots my mam washes and puts in the cupboard under the sink to make my recycled junk model.