Somebody Swallowed Stanley

Meet Stanley- the plastic bag who accidentally ended up in the sea when he was thrown away!

For our final  session of the school year, we met our families online again.

Somebody Swallowed Stanley is a story about the dangers of plastic pollution and tells us how we can reuse our plastic to make sure it doesn’t end up being eaten by sea creatures!

After the story we reused plastic milk containers to create storage of plastic bags. To make your own, you will need a washed out milk container, a pair of sharp scissors and these instructions.

For more detailed instructions, activities and a link to the story, go to our Plastic bag storer STEM at home page.


Little Cloud

Meet little cloud, the wisp of a cloud that gets bigger, darker and heavier until it begins to rain!

We welcomed back many of our families for the third Me, You and Science Too story: Little Cloud.

The story is about being accepted for who you are, no matter what and is a great introduction to the water cycle!

After the session we planted seeds to remind us that we need rain for plants to grow. Cress and grass seeds are quick and easy to grow at home and can be grown on wet cotton wool or kitchen towel.

For more detailed instructions and more activities, visit our Growing Seeds STEM at home page.

Robots, Robots Everywhere!

Meet the robots that are all around us, in our homes, at work, under the sea and even in space!

We were online again for our sixth session, and had lots of families pretending to be robots and learning some simple code.

Robots help us by doing jobs that are are too dangerous or boring for humans to do, and this rhyming text shows us lots of robots doing these jobs. Maybe we will even have robot friends in the future!

After the story we played a game where we gave robots directions using arrows as our code. To play the game, download the game board, instructions and pieces here. You will need scissors and a pencil to record your code.

For more detailed instructions and activities, go to our Robot Coding STEM at home page.


Moon-Night Time Around the World

Have you ever wondered why the moon is a different shape on different nights?

We welcomed back more families at home via Zoom for our fifth session.

This book by Britta Teckentrup takes us on a journey around the world, showing us what animals get up to in the moonlight. It has lovely peek-through pages which show the different shapes of the Moon over a month.

After the story, we created a flip book showing the phases of the Moon. To make your own Moon flipbook, download the template here. You will need scissors and a stapler or bulldog clip to join the pages together.

For more detailed instructions and activities go to our Moon STEM at home page.


The Black Rabbit

Meet the rabbit who is followed all day by a strange black rabbit!

For our fourth session, we moved online and welcomed our families live from their homes via Zoom.

In this story by Phillippa Leathers, we meet a rabbit who just can’t work out who or what this black rabbit is or how to get away from it!

After the story we made shadow tubes using a torch, cardboard tube and clingfilm. You can find the instructions to make your own shadow tubes here.

For more detailed instructions, activities and a link to the story, go to our Shadow tubes STEM at home page.