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Bullwhips, breaking the sound barrier, and science in progress

New year resolution: blog more. We’ve been big fans of Destin Sandlin ever since his original chicken video (seriously: take a look), and into his Smarter Every Day YouTube channel. His latest film is outstanding. If you were in central Newcastle just before Christmas you might have seen an Australian street performer doing whip stunts. […]

Kate in Antarctica: Life on Base

Kate’s been stuck inside with bad weather – windy, with visibility down to less than a metre. Not good for science or filming… but great for writing blog posts! Here’s her latest, and for the full set (and some background) be sure to check out our page all about Kate in Antarctica. Station life is […]

Kate in Antarctica!

Kate’s made it to the Princess Elisabeth Research Station, which (if you ask us) looks more like the villain’s lair in the next Bond film than anything so straightforward as a research base. Wait… are we sure Kate isn’t plotting world domination? Here’s Kate’s update: Merry Christmas from the Princess Elisabeth Research Station in East […]

Kate in Cape Town

Our intrepid geologist Kate has made it about as far South as is remotely reasonable to go, to Cape Town in South Africa. Of course, that’s not nearly remote enough for her, and is merely a staging point on her epic journey to Antarctica. Here’s her update: My field assistant James Linighan (a Master of […]

Kate’s heading to Antarctica!

Long-term NUSTEM partners will recognise Dr. Kate Winter’s name as our sometime admin assistant, and might even have wondered where she’s disappeared to in recent months. Well, we have news: we found her. In Antarctica. It’s a bit more planned than that. Kate’s returned to geology research, won herself a big support grant, and is […]

Tomorrow’s Engineers Week

This week is Tomorrow’s Engineers Week. Back for its sixth year, the themed week is led by Engineering UK and the Royal Academy of Engineering, and involving basically everyone else who’s big in engineering in the country. At NUSTEM we have a packed week of engineering-themed support with our partner schools, including: Team newcomer Mel […]

Jam on!

Whether digital making is already your jam or if you’ve never seen the bottom of a computer before, let alone the inside – all are welcome at our first Raspberry Jam on Saturday 14th October. An informal family activity day where you can explore coding and digital making, we’ll have loads of things to try out […]

Tetrahedral Kite, Beamish

As part of Beamish Museum’s ‘Wind in Your Sails’ event, visitors today helped us make this amazing tetrahedral kite. It’s constructed from drinking straws, survival blanket, fishing line, and tape (OK, and a couple of cheeky lengths of dowelling to reinforce the keel and spine). Built and flown (…and crashed) in the same day. Huge […]

Goodbye Think Physics, hello NUSTEM

We’ve changed our name. We started as Think Physics in 2014, but as the project has grown we’ve come to view that name as, well, not quite right. Whilst we continue to be committed to addressing the challenges facing — in particular — gender balance in the physical sciences, we now work much more broadly than […]