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Nuffield Research Placements

26 February, 2019/by Becky Wilson

Bullwhips, breaking the sound barrier, and science in progress

New year resolution: blog more.

We’ve been big fans of…
4 January, 2019/by Jonathan

Kate in Antarctica: Life on Base

Kate’s been stuck inside with bad weather – windy, with…
3 January, 2019/by Jonathan

Kate in Antarctica!

Kate's made it to the Princess Elisabeth Research Station, which…
27 December, 2018/by Jonathan

Kate in Cape Town

Our intrepid geologist Kate has made it about as far South as…
21 December, 2018/by Jonathan

Kate’s heading to Antarctica!

Long-term NUSTEM partners will recognise Dr. Kate Winter's name…
3 December, 2018/by Jonathan

Can parents help ‘nudge’ students into choosing STEM A-levels?

When young people are asked who has provided them with careers…
19 November, 2018/by Carol

Tomorrow’s Engineers Week

This week is Tomorrow’s Engineers Week. Back for its sixth…
5 November, 2018/by Jonathan

Sixth Form Evening Lectures: the 2018 edition

How Physics and Maths Make a Difference in the World
24 September, 2018/by Antonio Portas

Summer Holiday Happenings

One of the great things about working in the university, is that…
21 July, 2018/by Carol

Plan B

As part of the ESH Building my Skills programme each year, NUSTEM…
20 June, 2018/by Carol

Why not Physics?

Last month, the Institute of Physics released a report called…
13 June, 2018/by Carol

Leaky pipeline or drip irrigation system

The leaky pipeline is a recurring metaphor in discussions about…
19 March, 2018/by Carol

@NUSTEMxmas: our festive, robotic, IoT glockenspiel

Every now and then, we (Jonathan and Joe) get an idea stuck in…
14 December, 2017/by Joe Shimwell

New opportunities: GET North resources, Whole School Gender Equality, Computing resource grants

If you’re the sort of person who’s involved and engaged with…
28 November, 2017/by Jonathan

Primary Science Coordinators’ Forum #3.1

Part of NUSTEM's offer to primary schools in the north east is…
23 November, 2017/by Joe Shimwell

Family Space Explorers

We're always looking for new ways to engage different audiences,…
20 November, 2017/by Joe Shimwell

Jam on!

Whether digital making is already your jam or if you’ve never…
4 October, 2017/by Jonathan

Tetrahedral Kite, Beamish

As part of Beamish Museum's 'Wind in Your Sails' event, visitors…
1 July, 2017/by Jonathan
Image from Imperial Wikichem. Photo from Dr Jess Wade

International Women in Engineering Day 2017

Today (23rd June) is International Women in Engineering Day.

23 June, 2017/by Carol

Goodbye Think Physics, hello NUSTEM

We’ve changed our name.

We started as Think Physics in 2014,…
8 March, 2017/by Jonathan

125,000 rpm centrifuge… powered by hand, made from cardboard

This is outstanding!

One of the first steps in a whole host…
11 January, 2017/by Jonathan

(Raspberry) Pioneers, Bright Ideas: opportunities for secondary students

The lovely people at the Raspberry Pi Foundation – the folks who…
11 January, 2017/by Jonathan