Employer: Newcastle International airport

From newcastle to the world

Air transport is essential for economic growth and development of regions, as it connects people and goods on a local, national and international scale. Newcastle International Airport is no different. In 2017, 5.4 million passengers traveled to and from Newcastle, and the airport itself helped regional businesses to generate £350 million pounds in exports.

From Newcastle Airport you can travel the world with 80 direct flight destinations including a few transatlantic destinations in America.

In this short film you can find more about the airport vision for 2035, when it celebrates it’s 100th birthday.

Complex operation

Running an airport 24/7 and 365 days a year is quite very complex task because it is not just about flying! There are many teams working together to ensure a smooth day-to-day operation of the airport: security services (screening passengers and patrolling premises); passenger services (helping people with reduced mobility to or from aircrafts); fire brigade (ensure a fast response in case of emergency); air traffic control (helping aircraft land and depart safely and on time) to name just a few.


There are  a wide range of different jobs available within the airport that use STEM:

  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Airport Operations Officer
  • Airside Agent
  • Aeronautical Engineer
  • Aviation Meteorologist
  • Data analyst
  • Fire Fighter
  • Pilot
  • Maintenance Engineers
  • Marketing
  • Financial planner

Science and Maths links

Topics in Science and Mathematics that link to Newcastle International Airport.

  • Trigonometry
  • Bearings
  • Statistics
  • Forces
  • Energy
  • Electromagnetic Spectrum (especially X-rays and microwaves)
  • Chemical Analysis (in security)
  • Communicable diseases
  • Biodiversity and the effect of humans on different ecosystems

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