NUSTEM Schools Network (Primary)

Welcome to NUSTEM Schools Network, an initiative of the NUSTEM group at Northumbria University. We support schools and teachers across the North-East of England, developing their long-term engagement with STEM and STEM careers.

Our approach uniquely combines STEM careers and STEM attributes, taking a long-term view of education and teacher support. We showcase the spectrum of STEM careers, broadening children’s perspectives and understanding about what it means to work in the STEM sector. We focus on fostering 15 attributes intrinsic to every STEM professional. These attributes are intricately woven into our activities and resources, helping children to recognise their potential to become the STEM professionals of the future.

Primary schools who are interested in applying to join the network should read the information on this page and complete the application form below.

Secondary schools who are interested in the network offer should visit our secondary school page.

Our offer to Network Schools

Network schools will gain access to valuable resources and support.

Access to our Online Resources

We provide comprehensive online resources, including the ‘Primary Careers Tool’ and ‘STEM in Early Years’ units. These resources are strategically designed to broaden students’ understanding of working in STEM and to lay a solid foundation from an early age. The resources are free to access and as a Network School we’ll provide training to support their use in classrooms.

Opportunities for Professional Development

NUSTEM organises several professional development training sessions throughout the year. These sessions empower educators to explore various aspects of STEM teaching in primary schools. Training will be held remotely, making it easy for staff to attend. Previous CPD themes have included: Unconscious Bias in Primary STEM Education and Embedding STEM Careers in the Primary Classroom.

Primary Science Coordinators Forum

This half termly event supports science subject leaders in teaching and leading science. It’s an interactive platform where you can learn from other educators and share best practices. It takes place both at Northumbria University and online, accommodating the varied needs of our network members.

STEM Workshops

From time to time we’ll offer in-school workshops which have been developed with academic scientists from Northumbria University. We’ll be able to come into your schools and work directly with your children to explore a variety of topics themed around STEM careers and the cutting edge of science STEM research at Northumbria.

STEM Person of the Week Materials

Every year we have a new set of STEM People of the Week (SPOTW) for you to showcase across your school. SPOTW is an effective (we tested it) and easy (teachers helped us design it) tool to help broaden knowledge of STEM careers, break down stereotypes and explore the STEM Attributes from Yr1 – Yr6. As a Network School, you can order the printed materials for your whole school for free.

STEM Loans Boxes

Our Loan Boxes, accommodating different STEM topics from Early Years to Year 6, offer exciting hands-on learning experiences. As a Network school, you can collect and return these boxes from the University.

This is a new strategy for us and we want to grow the network in an effective and sustainable way. To that end we’re taking applications to join the network; schools will be prioritised based upon geographic location and the demographic they serve. As we gain experience with the network, we’ll aim to expand it to spread as wide as possible allowing many more schools to take part.

If you would like to apply, please come the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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