24th May: Medical Physics

We’ve been with Year 3 today learning all about applications of Physics in Medical care. You’ve seen X-rays, an infrared camera and a pulse oximeter. Can you remember what they all do?

Head over to the NUSTEM Medical Physics page to learn more.

18th May: The Volcanologist

We have been working with Y6 at Burnside exploring the incredible world of volcanoes. To find out more about what we got up to click here.

May 10: The Botanist

Split-stem flowers-2Here goes…

Step 1 – put your chrysanthemum (the white flower) into some water, quick!

Step 2 – have a really good look at it.

Step 2a – try again and this time have a really good look!

Step 3 – add some food colouring to the water. Wait (for an hour perhaps) and watch!

Step 4 – take a photo and email it to think.physics@northumbria.ac.uk or tweet a picture to us @thinkphysicsne

What’s all this about?

Today I’ve been busy at Burnside Primary School.

This afternoon we became brilliant botanists and you can find out all about it by clicking here.

We’ll be back at Burnside soon!

21 March: The Geologist

Meteorite-06The Geologist at Burnside Primary School

This afternoon, Y1 were exploring rocks from space – meteorites. Click here to find out more!

February 26: Magnets

Joe has been in today investigating magnets with Reception.

You’ll now know the types of materials that magnets stick to and you’ll have explored the classroom for magnetic objects. You’ll also have used lots of different types of magnets and have brought home a Think Physics fridge magnet!

For a reminder of what you did, see our magnets activity page.