Goat on a Boat

A goat? On a boat?!

What’s that got to do with science?

In fact, it’s very scientific when you know that the youngest of the Billy Goats Gruff was actually a naval architect (a boat designer). This little known twist in the old tale has inspired our Goat on a Boat workshop – where we really do float a goat on a  boat!

One solution to the Goat on a Boat challenge!

The Workshop

Goat on a Boat has been created to help you explore the world around you, at around Key Stage 1. You’ll practice reasoning skills to develop fair experiments, and from your observations you’ll solve real problems. Real problems like:


If a goat wants to travel across a river, what shape boat should it build?

Hmm. Perhaps not very real problems. But real enough for the youngest billy goat.

We provide you with the materials to build your raft, some test weights (washers)… and a goat. You could supply your own goat, but ours are carefully trained to be minimal bother in workshops. They’re also small and plastic.