Naz – Weeeeeeeeek número uno

To start the week we went back to the 20th century to explore everyday life in the North East of England at the climax of industrialisation. We looked around what would have been the mines 100 years ago and explored what technologies they would have used at them times to go about daily life at work, and at home.

IMG_1051         IMG_1064

This gave us an idea of how dramatic technology had advanced in the last 102 years, particularly in the North East and how industry has changed with time. It made us think how our future may look like in 100 years and what technology advancements there will be.


For the next 3 days of the week we were at Nissan where we took part in the F1 challenge. On Tuesday we were introduced to a CAD software called Inventor, where we were taught step by step how to create a race car with bespoke wheels.

On Wednesday we spent the day advancing our designs and perfecting the measurements. In the afternoon we were taken on a tour around Nissan. By seeing cars starting from an empty shell to fully kitted out cars that were drivable was incredible. In comparison to our trip to Beamish on Monday, we could see first hand how technology has advanced massively in the last 102 years.


By the end of Thursday we had a fully made race car (designed on Inventor & cut by the laser cutter) that we could test and race against other teams’ cars.

IMG_1210         IMG_1213    IMG_1208


On Friday we were back at the ThinkPhysics office for our first briefing of our task which had been set to us earlier on in the week with our teams. We were asked to present a short 10 minute presentation at the end of the day to show our initial findings, and to show what we had found about the earthquake crisis which happened in Nepal earlier this year.


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