Employer: MasterCard

Who Are They?

MasterCard is a worldwide financial services corporation with headquarters in the US and offices all across the world – including the UK. It’s easy to think of them as just a credit card company, but they’re also heavily involved in:

  • E-commerce – making money move faster and with ease across the world
  • Payment products – making it easier for shops and services to sell their products as well as for consumers to buy them
  • Business solutions – supporting companies across the world with their financial services
  • Security and Fraud – protecting customers and consumers from fraud and theft
  • Analysis and Insight – looking at trends to build up an overview of markets, economies and people

Moving money around the world used to mean ‘sticking a box of gold coins on a ship’; thankfully, we now have faster and more secure alternatives. Chip and PIN card machines swept across the world a few years ago, and now systems like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay look set to provide convenience and security.

Whenever you pay for something electronically, there’s a decent chance MasterCard is involved in processing the payment, or helped design the system you’re using.

Perfect For:

If you have an interest not just within finance, but business and how technology can shape our futures, MasterCard may offer a future career for you. There are opportunities around the world – so be prepared for relocating, perhaps internationally. Some examples of careers include:

  • Financial Accountant – support clients with the management of their accounts as well as monitor the markets
  • Sales and Relationships Management – looking after accounts with specific companies
  • Business Analyst – investigate markets, spending and patterns, and make recommendations to MasterCard and their clients
  • Application Support Engineer – supporting technology used by clients
  • Software Developer – supporting current software and developing new programs and software
  • Designer – graphics and visual design of products and campaigns

Helpful School Subject Choices:

  • Engineering
  • Maths
  • Physics
  • Business Studies
  • Design & Technology
  • Computer Science
  • ICT
  • Economics
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