Who Are They?

Knowing whether water is safe to drink or to use is very important. We can see when water contains large impurities like dirt and leaves, we can’t see microbes or chemicals that are lurking in there.

Palintest develop and sell products that can be used to test and analyse water quality. That could be water that has been processed in a water-treatment works (sewage works) and that will be returned to the environment, or it could be water in swimming pools, hydrotherapy pools or spas.

They also sell products to test soil quality through analysing the water in the soil.


Palintest have a wide range of different jobs to allow them to manufacture and sell their products, and to support the customers who buy them.

  • Research chemist
  • Process chemist
  • Technical Sales manager
  • Electronic Design Engineer
  • Quality improvement manager
  • Electronics engineer
  • Innovation officer
  • Financial controller
  • Software developer
  • Callibration operator

Science and Maths links

Topics in science and maths that link to Palintest and its products:

  • Communicable diseases
  • Acids and Alkalis
  • Assessing purity
  • Identification of ions by chemical and spectroscopic means
  • Obtaining potable water
  • Statistics – sampling populations and distributions
  • Accuracy