Employer: STFC

Who are they?

The STFC (Science and Technology Facilities Council) is a world-leading organisation based in the UK. Since its set-up in 2007, it has expanded to become one of Europe’s largest multi-disciplinary research organisations. It consists of Universities, Science Facilities, National Campuses and Young People. The STFC employs almost 2,000 staff and funds around 800 PhDs  in universities.

Their goal is to deliver economic, societal, scientific and international benefits to the UK and its people as well as the rest of the world. This is made achievable through the participation and support of over 1,700 academics in astronomy, nuclear and particle physics and around 3,600 people carrying out 2,000 experiments and 900 publications across the UK.

STFC have 5 key establishments: Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Daresbury Laboratory, Chilbolton Observatory and the UK Astronomy Technological Centre.

Careers with STFC

There are many careers with the STFC and many opportunities for people at all stages of their education. They also have apprenticeships available for students leaving school and college to provide an alternate pathway to university. They also have non-STEM jobs.

Some of the different roles with the STFC are:

  • Technicians
  • Science Communicators
  • Physicists
  • Software Engineers
  • Electronic Engineers
  • Project Engineers
  • Data Analysist
  • Finance Advisor
  • Performance Leader
  • Media Manager
  • Public Engagement Officer

You can see what opportunities are currently available with the STFC here.

Science and Maths Links

The STFC are involved in a large amount of STEM and research.

“Our work encompasses everything from the physical, biological and social sciences, to innovation, engineering, medicine and the environment, as well as arts and the humanities.”