Barley Mow – Science Week

Wow! What a week it’s been. Everyone in Barley Mow has been involved in one of our workshops or assemblies.

  • Year 1 explored floating and sinking and learnt about Naval Architecture.
  • Year 2 became Botanists and observed Venus Flytraps with USB microscopes.
  • Year 3 learning all about volcanology – the science of volcanoes.
  • Year 4 became aeronautical engineers, designing and build paper gliders.
  • Year 5 built mangonels (catapults) whilst learning about mechanical engineering and forces.
  • Year 6 explored the world of medical physics using X-rays, infrared and ultrasound.

We also worked with families in out automata workshop!

Thanks to everyone at Barley Mow for working so brilliantly this week – we’re looking forward to coming back soon!

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