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Your Universe: Explored

One of the projects Think Physics is partnered with is Explore…
23 March, 2015/by Jonathan

Solar Eclipse and Physics in Perspective

We’ve had a predictably hectic first British Science Week here…
20 March, 2015/by Jonathan

Work with us?

Think Physics is looking for another Outreach Specialist in Secondary…
19 March, 2015/by Carol

Partnership working

Although the Think Physics project is led by Northumbria University,…
10 March, 2015/by Carol

Work Experience Diary: Sam Rees

My name is Sam Rees and I am an A-level student from Whitley Bay High School doing…
9 March, 2015/by Guest

Work Experience Diary: Jamie Clark

My name is Jamie Clark, I’m half way through my first year…
9 March, 2015/by Guest

Embedding Careers Advice in Schools

On Monday 2nd March the BBC published an article called  All…
9 March, 2015/by Emma

Thermal Selfies

Today Think Physics was visiting The Hermitage Academy STEM fair.…
7 March, 2015/by Carol

Tinkering Thursday: March 5th “Turn it off!” edition

Andrew has invented the ANNOY-O-TRON!! It’s in block capitals…
5 March, 2015/by Jonathan

World Book Day

Today is World Book Day.  Across the country, schools will be…
5 March, 2015/by Carol

Two PhD Studentships Available

4 March, 2015/by Jonathan

Isaac Physics workshop – Gallery

Today we’re hosting a teachers’ workshop delivered by Ally…
28 February, 2015/by Jonathan


Large boxes. Small boxes. Boxes with packing chips. Boxes with…
27 February, 2015/by Jonathan

Lights, Camera, Image!

Ruth Wiltsher from the Institute of Physics led the Lights, Camera,…
26 February, 2015/by Jonathan

Tinkering Thursday: 19th Feb “In the swing of it” pendulum edition

Our charmingly softly-spoken volunteer Andrew is filling in…
19 February, 2015/by Jonathan

Guest post: Work experience week

My name is Callum Webster, and I’m a Physics student in my…
11 February, 2015/by Guest

Open call for artists: pieces to support exhibition at The Holy Biscuit

We'll have more details about this soon, but briefly:

5 February, 2015/by Jonathan

Tinkering Thursday – Feb 5th 2015

Tinkering Thursday is back. It’s taken us a couple of weeks…
5 February, 2015/by Jonathan

CPD Opportunities in February: KS3/4 Light and Colour, Isaac Physics

We’ve two terrific CPD opportunities coming up late this month,…
2 February, 2015/by Jonathan

IOP Event: Latest News from the LHC, Prof. Tara Shears (18th Feb)

2 February, 2015/by Jonathan

What we’re up to – Jan 21st edition

Things are so hectic we’ve rather forgotten to tell everyone…
21 January, 2015/by Jonathan

First delivery of the year

One of the dubious joys of starting a project from scratch is…
6 January, 2015/by Jonathan
Waves reflecting and interfering off an obstacle in the ripple tank.

Tinkering Thursday: 18th December, a tale of two wave types

A simple Tinkering Thursday this week as we start to – let’s…
19 December, 2014/by Jonathan
DON’T DO THIS! …unless you have a filtered solar telescope, as used by Joe here.

Tinkering Thursday: 11th December

In the photograph above, Joe is pointing a telescope at the…
11 December, 2014/by Jonathan