Eleanor – Week Three

On Monday we went on a trip to Macaw. We received a presentation on what the company does (oil and gas production and pipeline consultation) and we learnt about how the company is expanding in to new technologies to better their company; they are now using different types of drones to detect faults in pipelines. After a brief demonstration and safety talk we were allowed to fly the smaller drone which is a lot more difficult that it looks. At the end of the day we got to talk to some of their employees about what they do and how they ended up in that position within Macaw.

On Tuesday we visited Kromek which is a company specialising in nuclear physics and radiation detection devices. After a short presentation, we used the detection devices attached to a laptop to see if we could identify different isotopes of unknown substances.

On Wednesday and Thursday we were back at the uni and just carried on with the final parts of our research and completed the posters before sending them to print.

On Friday we will be presenting our posters and other work at 2pm to parents. It’s been a great 3 weeks and the summer school has given me a good insight in to the world of physics and engineering.


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