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Eleanor – Week Three

On Monday we went on a trip to Macaw. We received a presentation on what the company does (oil and gas production and pipeline consultation) and we learnt about how the company is expanding in to new technologies to better their company; they are now using different types of drones to detect faults in pipelines. […]

Eleanor – Week Two

On Monday morning we took a trip to BEL Valves which is part of the British Engines group. They make valves for deep sea pipe lines to extract oil and for back-up pipes to stop oil flow in an emergency. The process we saw during our factory tour was much different to that at Nissan […]

Eleanor – Week One

On the very first day we went to Beamish Museum to explore just how much engineering has changed in the past century. How quickly engineering has changed since the early 1900’s really stood out to me. Back then nearly everything was steam powered and now less than 100 years later we’ve got 3D printers and […]