Melinda – Week Two

We visited Bel valves which I enjoyed a lot because it was a smaller company which make bespoke valves for customers. The nature of their work intrigued me because it was more personal and the care they put into ensuring their product was of the highest standard was great. Comparing this to Nissan, the atmosphere was a lot calmer as opposed to the mass-production and constantly moving shop floor.

We got the opportunity to speak to a female engineer at Reece Innovation who studied a physics degree and worked as an academic. My preconceived ideas on how to get into the engineering industry were wiped away because I learnt that, by doing a physics or maths degree, your skills are what are sought after and you can move between different types of industries.

We continued with our academic research and posters with all of the time that we had and also received a talk from two geologists who gave us information on earthquakes, how they happen, why they happen, and the ways in which other countries dealt with earthquakes of similar magnitudes as the Nepal earthquake.


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