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Melinda – Week Three

This week has been the week that I have enjoyed the most. I have especially enjoyed focusing on completing the academic research and the poster. This has allowed me to learn more about the role of engineers and physicists in situations, such as natural disaster response, I initially would not associate them with. We visited Macaw […]

Melinda – Week Two

We visited Bel valves which I enjoyed a lot because it was a smaller company which make bespoke valves for customers. The nature of their work intrigued me because it was more personal and the care they put into ensuring their product was of the highest standard was great. Comparing this to Nissan, the atmosphere […]

Week One – Melinda

Visiting Beamish on Monday was a great way of getting to know each other and seeing how much engineering and innovation have advanced in 100 years. It was also fascinating to learn about the ways in which advances in engineering are influenced and driven by the needs of industry and society. This made me think about […]