16th January 2015: Giraffe on a Raft!

Giraffe on a Raft 15

A giraffe, on a raft, yesterday.

On 16th January, Mrs Aitken’s and Miss Andersen’s Year 1 classes met Joe and Emma… and a raft full of giraffes.

You balanced, you tested, you floated. You probably did quite a lot of sinking too. You made predictions, and you made a mess. OK, I’m guessing you made a mess – I’m writing this at Think Lab so I don’t actually know, but Joe made quite a mess trying the activity out yesterday, so I think it’s a fair guess you did too.

Click the picture of brave Gemma testing the rafts for a reminder, and some thoughts about how what you did today connects to what professional scientists and engineers are doing every day.

Link to Giraffe on a Raft activity.

Joe will be back at Southridge in March with meteorites and a planetarium. See you then!