St Mary’s Catholic School

Hello St Mary’s! Over the next few years we hope we’ll see you often. We’ll bring you the most fascinating, surprising, and challenging things we can think of, and together we’ll explore the world around us. We’ll look at how things work, how they behave, and how you can build things that behave as you want them to.

We also hope you’ll visit us at our base, Think Lab in Northumbria University, where we can go even further in thinking like scientists and engineers.

Below, you’ll find a summary of the things we’ve done with you so far. Click around – you might just spot yourself in one of our galleries.

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11th May – Peake Radiation

Hey St Mary’s! If everything has gone to plan, as you read this, I will be right in front of you IRL, as you kids say.

Here’s the link to the radioactive dating game.

Here’s the data from the ISS: –

And here’s an interactive video of the Falcon 9 vertically landing on a drone ship. Because it’s awesome.

10th December: Space Maths

Spacemaths! You are doing spacemaths! Get ready for some spacemaths! Yay!

Umm… it’s just us who play Spaceteam, is it? Right. Huh. I guess we look pretty foolish around about now, then. Well, find yourselves some friends and all download Spaceteam and enjoy shouting at each other; trust us, it’s fun.

Meanwhile: you were doing a Space Maths workshop today. We have a:

9th December: Atoms to Astrophysics

This afternoon I visited St Mary’s to take part in their after school science club. We explored the whole scope of Physics, from atoms to astrophysics. For more information check out our workshop page here, and make sure you have a go with this scale of the universe tool. I could spend all day playing around with it.

A slightly older version can be seen below. Don’t be frightened by the outdated fashions and wonderful 1970s music (by Elmer Bernstein, no less!); this video is a beautiful journey through our universe. Just don’t forget, our understanding has moved on since Charles and Ray Eames made this video in 1977.