Think Club 0 – meeting 0 (25th March 2015)

Put the date in your diaries… No, wait: your diary already has the date, that’s why it’s a diary. Hang on, I’ll start again.

Pay particular attention to the date, for it marks what history will recognise as the beginning of something magnificent and world-changing[1]: Think Club began. You were there. You brave few who stuck your heads about the parapet, read the notes and uttered the immortal words: “Yeah, OK, that sounds like it might not be a complete waste of my time.”

Thanks for coming, we very much enjoyed meeting you. We’re excited for what happens next, and what you can make, think, do, and create individually and collectively. We hope you are too.

Here’s what you did this week:

14 seconds of glory, including an entirely appropriate amount of celebration. Excellent.

Next week: more people, lots of hard thinking about Maker Faire and what we’re going to do, and something ridiculous that we haven’t thought of yet. but hey, Joe and I have a week to make plans, right?

See you next Wednesday.

footnote 1: actual future history may vary. Errors and omissions excepted.

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