Maker Week – Day 3


We have new biscuits. Exciting new biscuits. Really delicious and wonderful exciting new biscuits.

I’m absolutely not above bribery in trying to entice you back for Thursday. Besides, now we have turntables and colour-changing lights working we have a sudden backlog of jobs that need doing, and if you leave it all to me I’m going to wind up (a.) going a little mad, and (b.) eating all the biscuits. Did I mention the biscuits?

There’s a little more about what we did today on the main blog post. It downplays the biscuit angle somewhat, so non-Think Clubbers don’t get too jealous.

Maker Week – Day 2

Another of those placeholder posts to point you to the main blog post.

Properly impressive, today: new skills, and it was great to see you getting absorbed with arduinos and Sonic Pi. Tomorrow, I’ll try to remember the occasional screen break…

We think we’ve worked out what’s up with the dice kits, so tomorrow I’ll order up the bit we need to fix them. We also have a design for the turntable which we think might work – Joe and I will pick up some supplies from B&Q on our way in tomorrow. See you at 10!

Maker Week – Day 1

A quick report to point you to this blog post, which includes only-mildly-embarrassing video of you all playing Spaceteam.

Big thanks for your efforts today, we’ve got much further with the cardboard boxes and the lamp necks than I ever hoped. Tomorrow: soldering, Arduino, Sonic Pi, self-driving cars, and perhaps even a different group game.

Think Club 0 – meeting 1 (1st April 2015)

You came back! That makes us so happy. Almost as happy as all the new people joining us this week.

So: more Empires, which may have been slightly distracted by Joe’s new-found obsession with fire ants:

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Think Club 0 – meeting 0 (25th March 2015)

Put the date in your diaries… No, wait: your diary already has the date, that’s why it’s a diary. Hang on, I’ll start again.

Pay particular attention to the date, for it marks what history will recognise as the beginning of something magnificent and world-changing[1]: Think Club began. You were there. You brave few who stuck your heads about the parapet, read the notes and uttered the immortal words: “Yeah, OK, that sounds like it might not be a complete waste of my time.”

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