Cramlington Year 9 Assembly – Thursday 28th January 2016

Hello Year 9.

Last week I had the pleasure of delivering assembly and introducing you to a great and inspirational role model Elon Musk.  We are influenced by people around us everyday. Many when asked this question pipe up with family, teachers, Christiano Ronaldo. All are great role models and probably all for different reasons.  Ronaldo for example is a talented footballer, but he also displays a number of great characteristics which make him stand out, like for example; determination, commitment and a passion to win and succeed in the beautiful game.  These characteristics are what make him successful, its not just his footballing ability. He is the first on and last one off the training pitch. The same could be said for great actresses, entrepreneurs anyone really who is successful.  Only a few people succeed because of luck alone!

Elon Musk… pretty cool guy eh?  I have added below the slides so you can have a look at all the videos and share with friends and family.  Also check out the company websites mentioned and their career pages. The SpaceX careers page has a load of cool jobs like: commercial director, internship opportunities, propulsion development engineer (making rockets go fast), or software development… there are lots on there.  Yes these job opportunities are in America but if this is the type of company YOU want to work for, why let the Atlantic Ocean stop you in your pursuit of job happiness?   This is however just one example of a company doing really exciting and innovative stuff.  Have a look and find out what other companies are out there and interest you, thinking also about what STEM skills and knowledge you need if you wanted to be the next Elon Musk.

See you soon!



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