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Investigating static electricity

Make things you will find around your home move without touching them! All you need for these static electricity investigations are a balloon, some paper or a can, a straw and a running tap.

Make a catapult

Make this simple catapult to fire paper balls, mini marshmallows or pom poms using just some lolly sticks and elastic bands.

Make a tonoscope

Do you want to see the sound waves from your voice? Make this tonoscope using a tube, plastic bag, some sugar or salt and a straw.

Make a magnet maze

Do you want to move an object around a maze without touching it? All you need is a magnet, a magnetic paper clip or washer, a piece of card or a paper plate and your imagination!

Tag Archive for: physics


A Photochemist investigates the chemical effects of light.  Photochemistry is a chemical reaction caused by absorption of ultraviolet, visible light or infrared radiation or a reaction that produces light. Photochemists may be interested in spectroscopy- splitting up light into it’s different colours to find out about the properties of the object being studied. They may be interested in photosynthesis, the way a plant generates energy from light. They may also study animals who use bioluminescence to signal to other animals or to lure prey.

Attributes: observant, curious, communicator

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