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Plan B

As part of the ESH Building my Skills programme each year, NUSTEM staff take part in a mock interview day with students from North East secondary schools. During the day, students have the opportunity to be interviewed once or twice by representatives from local businesses and other organisations.  At NUSTEM we see the interviews as […]

Why not Physics?

Last month, the Institute of Physics released a report called ‘Why not Physics?‘ The report looked at how many students studied A-level science subjects in different schools in 2016. The good news is that the picture is a little bit better than when the IOP did a similar analysis 4 years ago. The bad news is […]

Leaky pipeline or drip irrigation system

The leaky pipeline is a recurring metaphor in discussions about the gender balance in Science (especially physical sciences), Technology, Engineering and Maths (collectively, ‘STEM’).  Whether the field under discussion is academic or industrial, there is widespread concern about the fact that many of those who start in the field do not stay in the field […]

International Women in Engineering Day 2017

Today (23rd June) is International Women in Engineering Day. Across social media, companies and organisations are tweeting and posting to show their support for women in engineering. Tweets which show employees looking happy, often standing in front of large equipment! Friday is Women in Engineering Day #nwed2017 so we’re talking about skills in transport all […]

Connecting with Physics

When I did my A-levels a couple of decades ago, there were only two or three girls in my physics class. The situation has got a little better since then, but many girls still find they are in a minority in their physics class. Whilst this doesn’t stop the students enjoying physics and doing well, […]

Careers in the (primary) classroom?

There have been some news articles recently about universities, primary schools and careers. In the first article, Teach First recently called for universities to work with primary schools as part of University ‘widening participation’ work.  These are activities that are focused on ensuring that progression to university is open to students whatever their background.  At the […]

Summer holiday science

At this stage in the summer holiday, sometimes it can get a bit harder to find new things to do with the kids.  However, the Royal Institution might just come to your rescue! They’ve produced a series of short videos showing some simple, cheap and easy science-based activities that you can do at home, called ExpeRimental. […]

Physics Summer Schools

In my previous job, I used to be part of a team that ran teacher summer schools for the Institute of Physics.  These were aimed at teachers who were not specialist teachers of physics, but who had to teach physics.  They were held in Oxford, Cambridge and York (which was my course).  The summer schools […]

Royal Society Young People’s book prize

As Christmas comes rapidly nearer, family members might be asking what children would like for Christmas.  Books are often popular (particularly with more distant relatives).  But what to buy? For children who are curious and interested in the world around them, the books from the Royal Society Young People’s book prize could be ideal.  Science books […]