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Faye Week 3

Day 11: Macaw Engineering The start of my final week began with spending my entire morning trying to paint the face of my doll; I removed the old paint with nail varnish remover and tried to paint her on a new set of eyes and lips with acrylic paint. However, it took me several attempts […]

Faye Week 2

Day 6: Bel Valves Week two started with a morning trip to British engines or ‘Bel Valves’, that is about a 5 minute drive from the university. When we first got there we had a talk about what the company does and why valves are so important to the oil and gas industry. We then […]

Fayes Week 1

Day 1: Beamish To begin with we went down to the pit village to look at the mill and machines that were used to get coal and miners in and out of the pits. We were then given a talk about the lamps that miners had to carry with them while down the mines and how […]