Filming: Metalwork

Ann Cairns, President of International Markets, Mastercard

Ann Cairns, President of International Markets, Mastercard

We’re collaborating with the North-East Chamber of Commerce to produce a series of careers case-study films. I’ll avoid saying too much about it (is it hush-hush? I’m not sure…), but to the left is our first interviewee and below right, our second.

Jacqui Miller of Miller Engineering, Cramlington.

Jacqui Miller of Miller Engineering, Cramlington

Yes, it’s all a little high-powered.

Filming Jacqui involved a trip up to her company’s factory in Cramlington, which was fantastic. Modern engineering only very rarely involves molten metal, which speaking as a photographer is rather disappointing. Welding and sparks and smoke and all the rest look amazing on camera, and it was a delight to get alarmingly close to a laser cutter whilst it was doing this:

laser cutting

So, coming soon: pretty pictures, illustrating insights from leading figures in STEM businesses, from and in the North-East.

Try this personality type test

No idea where you’re headed? This personality survey at the Guardian today might offer you some ideas. Two warnings:

  1. The test is sponsored by a life insurance company.
  2. It suggests I should seriously consider wedding planning as a career, which doesn’t quite line up with anything I might remotely enjoy ever ever ever.

What I do like about it is the type of questions that are asked. You’ll see very little about education level or subject, and nothing at all about qualifications. It’s all about skills, lifestyle, and the sorts of things that make you happy.

See what you think. Useful? Leave us a comment – if you think it’s a useful start for discussions we’ll add it to our Resources catalogue.