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Summer holiday science

At this stage in the summer holiday, sometimes it can get a bit harder to find new things to do with the kids.  However, the Royal Institution might just come to your rescue!

They’ve produced a series of short videos showing some simple, cheap and easy science-based activities that you can do at home, called ExpeRimental.  The great thing about the videos is that they’re aimed at encouraging children and adults to explore science ideas with each other.  You’re not trying to teach your kids the science, but ask questions about the science together.

Through the activities children and adults get chance to



The activities include rubber band cannons, balancing sculptures, cakes in a cup and lots more.

Once you’ve tried out the ExpeRimental activties, then we have some activities on the Think Physics site for you to have a go at:  growing seeds, fingerprints, and seeing rainbows, and bubbles

My favourite ExpeRimental video shows Tilly and her mum making glasses sing.

Why don’t you try it at home?