NUSTEM Loans Boxes Spring 2023

This term children at Castletown Primary have been using NUSTEM loans boxes. NUSTEM loans boxes are linked to STEM careers and contain original objects and replicas that can be handled and used as part of classroom activities.  While using the resources in the boxes, children get the opportunity to try out and explore some of the skills, techniques, equipment and ideas that STEM professionals use on a day-to-day basis.

Children in Key Stage 2 have been using the following box. Click on the link to find out more about the box:

Geologist loans box

We hope you enjoy trying some of our activities at home!

Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th December Year 6 Underneath the Ice

Year 6 visited Thinklab at Northumbria University and became ice core scientists. They travelled to the Antarctic and discovered what we can find out about the past from air bubbles trapped in the ice. The children used this as inspiration to write their own poetry. To find out more about the Antarctic and to see the completed poems, visit our Underneath the Ice page.

Thursday 10th November Key Stage 1 Naval Architects

Today, Year 1 and 2 became naval architects. They designed, built and tested their own boats.

To discover how to design, build and test a boat with tin foil, visit our STEM at Home tin foil boats page.

Thursday 3rd November Year 3 Geologists

Iron meteorite from Chaco, Argentina. One of the ‘Campo del Cielo’ fragments first found in 1576.

This morning Year 3 became geologists and investigated rocks from space. For more information about geologists and meteorites, visit our Geologist page.

To use objects from around your home to create your own meteorite impact craters- just like those we can see on the moon, visit our STEM at Home Impact Craters page.

30th June Year 3 Geologists

Today  Year 3 became geologists and investigate meteorites – rocks from space!. For more activities to try at home, go to our meteor crater activity.

29th June Year 1 Naval Architects

Today Year 1 became naval architects and designed and made boats. To try our activity at home using a piece of tin foil and some coins, go to our NUSTEM at home foil boats page.

Thursday 16th June Year 2 Materials Scientists


Today Year 2 children became materials scientists and investigated materials using weight, electricity and magnets. Why not investigate how strong the materials in your home are by trying our NUSTEM at home Bridge Building activity?

Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th May 2022 Y6 Underneath the Ice

On Monday and Tuesday the Year 6 children found out and wrote poem about being underneath the ice in Antarctica. To Find out more and read some poems by children in other schools, visit our Underneath the Ice website page. You may even find their poems on the website soon!

24th January Year 2 Systems Engineers

This afternoon the Year 2 classes became systems engineers. They planned, created, tested and improved marble run. To find ways to be a systems engineer at home, visit our Systems Engineer webpage.

Wednesday 12th January 2022 EYFS Glaciologists

Today Nursery and Reception children became Glaciologists and investigated melting ice. Why not try our NUSTEM melting ice activity at home? All you need is some ice cubes and bowls to put them in.