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Tinkering Thursday – Feb 5th 2015

Tinkering Thursday is back. It’s taken us a couple of weeks to shake off the post-Christmas blues and carve out some time, but at last there’s been some activity in the lab. OK, so some of this happened yesterday: ‘Tinkering Thursday’ is more a state of mind than a requirement. The university Physics Society is running a high-altitude […]

CPD Opportunities in February: KS3/4 Light and Colour, Isaac Physics

We’ve two terrific CPD opportunities coming up late this month, both to be held in our shiny new Think Lab facility at Northumbria University: Please do drop Annie a line if you’ve any further questions, and feel free to pass this information on to anyone else you think might be interested. We’ve information about how to contact Think Physics, and how to […]

What we’re up to – Jan 21st edition

Things are so hectic we’ve rather forgotten to tell everyone what we’re up to. Here’s the run-down as of this afternoon, Wednesday 21st January 2015, 1400 GMT (you’ll have to imagine the bong! sounds, or if that means nothing to you, here’s the News at Ten opening from the 1970s to play while reading): Carol and Joe are back […]

First delivery of the year

One of the dubious joys of starting a project from scratch is that you have to order everything. Pens, pencils. Microscopes. Soldering irons. Infra-red cameras. Meteorite samples. A cubic metre of snow globes. You name it, we’ve filled in the purchase order form for it. Which means the next joy is receiving exciting deliveries every day. A parade […]

Tinkering Thursday: 11th December

In the photograph above, Joe is pointing a telescope at the sun. Two things about this are remarkable: It’s December, we’re in Newcastle, and we actually saw the sun today. Joe can still see. We all know – obviously – that looking at the sun through telescopes, binoculars, even cameras is, in general, a really really bad idea. But let’s be clear, […]

Filming: Metalwork

We’re collaborating with the North-East Chamber of Commerce to produce a series of careers case-study films. I’ll avoid saying too much about it (is it hush-hush? I’m not sure…), but to the left is our first interviewee and below right, our second. Yes, it’s all a little high-powered. Filming Jacqui involved a trip up to her company’s factory […]

Tinkering Thursday: 4th December

This week Think Lab has been playing host to a delegation of Chinese architects – hey, it’s all go here – so we set to work in our office instead. We already have a hundred snow globes strewn around the place, what harm is there in adding a little craft mess?

Try this personality type test

No idea where you’re headed? This personality survey at the Guardian today might offer you some ideas. Two warnings: The test is sponsored by a life insurance company. It suggests I should seriously consider wedding planning as a career, which doesn’t quite line up with anything I might remotely enjoy ever ever ever. What I do like about it is […]