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Sophie – Week 3

Monday 27th July – Macaw Engineering After doing research in the morning, we went to Macaw Engineering. When we arrived, these pens we were given caused much excitement: We started off the visit with a presentation about the company. Macaw engineering are a company which build and maintain pipelines; some of which stretch for a few kilometres. The […]

Sophie – Week 2 of Reece Summer School

Monday 20th July: Bel Valves On Monday, we visited Bel Valves in Newcastle; they are a part of British Engines, and specialise in making valves. Unlike Nissan, would have production en mass, they make bespoke products. It may take them up to a year to finish a valve, because the  so the atmosphere of the […]

Sophie – Week 1 of the Reece Summer School

 July 13th, Day 1: The Beamish Museum. On Monday the group met in the Ellison Building in Northumbria University, before taking the bus to the Beamish Museum in Gateshead. When we arrived we met Simon and Holly, who are heads of learning at the museum. Simon explained how in the early 1900s, the area around […]