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Tegan – Week 2

Week 2 On the first day we visited BEL Valves, an engineering group who produce valves for things such as oil rigs. It was interesting to see another side to engineering, as we found out that sometimes it may take the company up to one year to produce only one valve, compared with Nissan where […]

Tegan – Week Three

Week 3 We started off Week 3 with a visit to MACAW Engineering, a company who specialise in pipeline engineering. We were introduced to the world of drones, and even got to fly a small one (or tried to fly a small one). We had a presentation from a girl who had just become an […]

Tegan – Week 1

We started off the week at Beamish. It was really interesting to find out what engineering was like in 1913 and amazing to see the dramatic development in technology and engineering from then till now. For example the development from using candle-lit lanterns in the mines, to now, where we use electronic lights and even solar power. It […]