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Untidying the lab

As the centre of all things Think Physics (other than the coffee machine), Think Lab can get a little… let’s just say busy. Recently, however, organisational salvation has arrived in the form of a gigantic pair of Gratnells cupboards.

For a while we mostly stared at them in awe, but the delivery of a vast shipment of lab equipment – seriously, a fork-lift was involved – forced our hand. Today, then, was The Grand Sorting Out of the Lab Day.

Inevitably, the day has mostly looked like this:

Tidying Think Lab

Indeed, by the end of the day the lab could charitably be described as a work in progress. We’ll get there, however. Just as soon as we find another roll of tape for the labelling machine…

Tag Archive for: domestic


The Think Physics guide to soap bubbles and soap films. How to blow small ones, big ones, and ones you can study the colours in better than ever before.