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Lessons from the National Pupil Database

Many years ago, when NUSTEM was still Think Physics, we developed an evaluation plan to look at the impact of the first three years.

It was a lovely plan, which would use information from the National Pupil Database (NPD) and follow groups of young people as they took their A-levels and then their degrees.

Sadly, as with all lovely stories, it didn’t quite work out as we planned.

However, along the way, we learnt a number of useful lessons about evaluation and using the NPD, and thought that they might be helpful for other organisations interested in tracking the impact of STEM Engagement activities.

We’ve just published our report, and an infographic which summarises our findings as well.

You can download the report from here

NPD Infographic


Study with us! PhD Studentship available

Think Physics’ host institution Northumbria University has a PhD studentship available. Here’s the title:

Impact of Academic Research through Northumbria’s STEM outreach activities on the uptake of STEM disciplines by young people

I know, right? Snappy.

Importantly: there’s a full stipend available for this PhD, for three years at RCUK rates and fees.

There’s a full description of the project on offer at Find a PhD.com, and you can apply through that site too. At the time of writing this post the application deadline appears to be rather soon; that will be extended to later in July, so you’ve time to think it through.