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Good luck Tim!

Tim Peake standup

The giant Tim picture you can print and cut out. This and header image: courtesy UK Space Agency.

When the clock reaches zero, an enormous great rocket should blast off from Kazakhstan, launching the UK’s first male astronaut into orbit. Tim Peake’s Principia mission aboard the International Space Station is a big deal, as you might have noticed from the vast media coverage.

Watch the launch live on BBC1 with Dara O’Brien and Brian Cox, with Dallas Campbell reporting from Baikonur Cosmodrome, and find out more at the Principia mission website. They’ve a terrific range of materials, including a poster PDF to print and (our favourite) a giant photo of Tim you can print out life-size, mount on cardboard, and leave standing around. Or carry with you on the bus, or something.

They also have information about the experiments Tim will be undertaking during his mission, activity packs and other ways to get involved, and a range of space careers information (click ‘Download resources’ and scroll down).

Good luck, Tim! We’ll be watching.

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Employer: Inmarsat

Who Are They?

There are more than twenty-one thousand objects larger than 10cm orbiting the Earth. Eleven of  them are Inmarsat’s fleet of satellites, which work non-stop to bring mobile satellite communications worldwide. Inmarsat have been operating globally since 1979, and are the industry leader.

The Inmarsat-3 satellite (Wikimedia Commons/NASA)

The Inmarsat-3 satellite (Wikimedia Commons/NASA)

Their most recognisable products are satellite telephones, which provide communications (almost!) anywhere on Earth – you’ll have seen them in news reports being used by aid workers following natural disasters which have wiped out conventional communications. Chances are, the pictures you saw were beamed back by other Inmarsat products.

The company also provides things like TV and WiFi in airliners, and they’re the cornerstone of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System, an international protocol improving safety at sea. Inmarsat also operates in government, aviation, and enterprise sectors.

They’re currently working towards GlobalExpress, the first globally-available high-speed broadband service. They’ve offices around the world, with headquarters in London and other UK presences in Aberdeen.

Inmarsat have an extensive careers website. Also take a look at their Technology Development Programme, a two-year rotation for new STEM graduates. They’re looking for good engineering graduates, but any STEM route will be considered. We particularly like their application process – along with a covering letter and CV, they ask you to answer the following:

If you stand outside during the daytime, how old (approximately) is the sunlight you’re currently seeing? You can assume photons are produced at the centre of the Sun and have a mean free path within the Sun of 1cm.


Helpful School Subject Choices:

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  • Physics
  • Business Studies
  • Design & Technology