Monday 28th March Key Stage 1 STEM Club

This afternoon the Key Stage 1 STEM club became systems engineers and built amazing marble runs this morning. Visit our NUSTEM at home marble run page to find out how to build a marble run at home using cardboard and tape.

11th February Year 3 Geologists and Year 4 Mechanical Engineers

Iron meteorite from Chaco, Argentina. One of the ‘Campo del Cielo’ fragments first found in 1576.

Today Year 3 became geologists and investigated meteorites, which are rocks from space! Click here to find out more about what a geologist is. For more information about meteorites, visit this Life Science page.

Year 4 became mechanical engineers and built marble runs. They investigated the forces used and tried to slow the marble down. Visit our mechanical engineer page to find out more.

Click here to  watch the chain reaction machine that inspired our marble runs or here to see another amazing machine!


7th December Nursery Lighting Engineers and KS1 Naval Architects

Today the Nursery children investigated shadows in the dark den and looked at light with the light box. If you like investigating with light, why not try our Reflective mobiles NUSTEM at home activity?

This afternoon, Years 1 and 2 have been designing, building and testing boats this morning. To try this at home, go to our Naval Architects STEM at home activity, which uses only a piece of tin foil and some coins.

NUSTEM back at Ivy Road

This week Year 1 and Year 2 have been material scientists. To become a materials scientist at home using ice and household materials, visit our Insulating Ice STEM at home activity.

EYFS have been investigating light ans shadows. Why not try our Shadow Tubes STEM at home activity, which uses only a torch, toilet roll tube and cling film.

Friday 28th February Family Structural Engineers

Sunset bridge

This morning families took on the challenge of building the strongest bridge possible and testing this using weights. For more information on structural engineering, click here.


Friday 29th November Year 5 and 6 Cryptographers

Today Year 5 and 6 became cryptographers, encrypting and decrypting messages and discovering how this keeps us safe online.

To find the secret message from NUSTEM to win a prize and for more information about cryptography, click here.

Friday 4th October Family Wind Turbine Engineers Workshop

This morning families investigated the best blade design to use on a wind turbine. Families designed, created, tested and improved designs until they found the shape that made the wind turbine shaft turn the quickest.

Monday 30th September Year 4 Palaeontologists and Year 5/6 Environmental Planners


Today Year 4 became palaeontologists, exploring fossils and using pollen samples to investigate how the earth’s climate has changed over millions of years . For more information and activities to try at home, click here.

Year 5/6 became environmental planners and used maps to discover how finding out about the past can help us to predict the future. To find out more about environmental planners, click here. Year 5/6 also looked at maps to see how Forest Hall has changed over the last two centuries. To have a look at a similar historical map, follow this link:

1858 map

1913 map

1948 map

Wednesday 25th September 2019 Year 1 and 2 Naval Architects

This morning Year 1 and Year 2 became naval architects and discovered how to float a goat on a boat! To find out more about what they did and for some extra activities you can try at home, click here.

Tuesday 24th September 2019 Reception Bubbles

Look Bubbles!

Today Reception children had fun with bubbles and predicted what would happen if they blew bubbles with different shaped wands. Click here for more bubble information and activities.