Thursday 17th November Y6 Wind Energy Engineers

This afternoon Year 6 visited the Thinklab here at Northumbria University. They became wind energy engineers and used origami to create wind turbine blades that unfold when in position. They then tested their wind turbines to see how efficient they were. For more information about wind energy engineers, wind turbines and for some activities you could try at home, visit our Wind Energy Engineer page.

Thursday 13th October Year 1 Naval Architects

This afternoon, Year 1 became naval architects. They designed, built and tested their own boats.

To discover how to design, build and test a boat with tin foil, visit our STEM at Home tin foil boats page.

Thursday 6th October Year 3 Geologists

Iron meteorite from Chaco, Argentina. One of the ‘Campo del Cielo’ fragments first found in 1576.

This afternoon Year 3 became geologists and investigated rocks from space. For more information about geologists and meteorites, visit our Geologist page.

To use objects from around your home to create your own meteorite impact craters- just like those we can see on the moon, visit our STEM at Home Impact Craters page.

NUSTEM at Ivy Road Primary School 2022-2023

NUSTEM is an outreach group based at Northumbria University. We believe that STEM should be accessible to everyone, for study and for pleasure, from early years, through school, to employment, and beyond. We support children, families and teachers to feel more confident that a career in STEM is for ‘people like them’.

Your child or children have been using one of our NUSTEM loans boxes in class. NUSTEM loans boxes are linked to STEM careers and contain original objects and replicas that can be handled and used as part of classroom activities.  While using the resources in the boxes, children get the opportunity to try out and explore some of the skills, techniques, equipment and ideas that STEM professionals use on a day-to-day basis.

Peggy in a Soyuz spacecraft, docked to the ISS, September 2002

This term, children in Key Stage 2 have been using our Space loans box. For more information about careers in space and for activities to try at home, visit our Space loans box page.

Monday 28th March Key Stage 1 STEM Club

This afternoon the Key Stage 1 STEM club became systems engineers and built amazing marble runs this morning. Visit our NUSTEM at home marble run page to find out how to build a marble run at home using cardboard and tape.

11th February Year 3 Geologists and Year 4 Mechanical Engineers

Iron meteorite from Chaco, Argentina. One of the ‘Campo del Cielo’ fragments first found in 1576.

Today Year 3 became geologists and investigated meteorites, which are rocks from space! Click here to find out more about what a geologist is. For more information about meteorites, visit this Life Science page.

Year 4 became mechanical engineers and built marble runs. They investigated the forces used and tried to slow the marble down. Visit our mechanical engineer page to find out more.

Click here to  watch the chain reaction machine that inspired our marble runs or here to see another amazing machine!


7th December Nursery Lighting Engineers and KS1 Naval Architects

Today the Nursery children investigated shadows in the dark den and looked at light with the light box. If you like investigating with light, why not try our Reflective mobiles NUSTEM at home activity?

This afternoon, Years 1 and 2 have been designing, building and testing boats this morning. To try this at home, go to our Naval Architects STEM at home activity, which uses only a piece of tin foil and some coins.

NUSTEM back at Ivy Road

This week Year 1 and Year 2 have been material scientists. To become a materials scientist at home using ice and household materials, visit our Insulating Ice STEM at home activity.

EYFS have been investigating light ans shadows. Why not try our Shadow Tubes STEM at home activity, which uses only a torch, toilet roll tube and cling film.

Friday 28th February Family Structural Engineers

Sunset bridge

This morning families took on the challenge of building the strongest bridge possible and testing this using weights. For more information on structural engineering, click here.


Friday 29th November Year 5 and 6 Cryptographers

Today Year 5 and 6 became cryptographers, encrypting and decrypting messages and discovering how this keeps us safe online.

To find the secret message from NUSTEM to win a prize and for more information about cryptography, click here.