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The Entomologist

Entomology is the study of insects, their relationships with other animals, environments and human beings.

Bug hotel

Use this simple activity to create a bug hotel which will attract bugs to your garden using materials from your local environment.

Ice Rescue

Challenge your family to rescue something or someone trapped in the ice!

Make a wormery

Making a wormery is a safe and simple way to observe and find out more about worms and what they are up to underneath the ground. All you need is an empty bottle, some soil and vegetable scraps and you are ready to go.

Paper Pillars

During this investigation you will discover which paper shapes can hold the most books on top of them before they collapse. All you need is paper, a ruler, a pencil and some sticky tape and you are ready to start.


Make a spinning top from card and a short pencil and explore how your eyes see colour by spinning your top and recording what you can see.

Shadow tubes

Discover how to create shadows using a toilet roll tube, a torch, some cling film and materials such as paper, stickers or foil.

Build a nest

Use materials you find around your house to build a nest to keep an egg safe.

Blowing bubbles using a straw

Use things you can find in your kitchen to blow huge bubbles on your table!