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Journey Stick

Make a journey stick to remember a walk and talk about it later on.

Growing seeds

Discover how to plant seeds in a plastic bag so that you can watch them sprout and grow.

Make a wormery

Making a wormery is a safe and simple way to observe and find out more about worms and what they are up to underneath the ground. All you need is an empty bottle, some soil and vegetable scraps and you are ready to go.

Pop ups

Science For Families: Plants

Break out the carnations, it’s time to experiment with our leafy friends!

Science for Families: Pooters

Hunt for mini beasts with our guide to all things pooting. We think that’s a word, at least.

Think Week 2015

Joe reports on our first Think Week summer school of science activities.

Tag Archive for: biology


A Photochemist investigates the chemical effects of light.  Photochemistry is a chemical reaction caused by absorption of ultraviolet, visible light or infrared radiation or a reaction that produces light. Photochemists may be interested in spectroscopy- splitting up light into it’s different colours to find out about the properties of the object being studied. They may be interested in photosynthesis, the way a plant generates energy from light. They may also study animals who use bioluminescence to signal to other animals or to lure prey.

Attributes: observant, curious, communicator

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Tag Archive for: biology

Tag Archive for: biology