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First Light in a Dark Room

The images above have been nine months in the making. That’s precisely the amount of time needed to:

  1. Talk to research scientist Paul about CACOON, permafrost and the Arctic
  2. Find a local artist, meet with them and explain the project
  3. Prototype a camera that we can use in schools workshop to model permafrost melt using ice
  4. Put the prototype back into the sink (it was made from a washing up bowl) and build the sleek, black camera in the gallery above
  5. Fire up the camera and take our first exposures!

The next step is a bit of process refinement: we need to make the camera usable in a school environment. We’ll be stress-testing the camera and the procedure over the coming months – come back for more information!

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13th July – Light Painting

Hey there Heaton Manor! As promised, here are all your light painting images that you created this afternoon. Good work! But don’t stop there – check out our light painting page, get inspired and have a go at making your own at home. If you do, we’d love to see the results, so feel free to send us a copy. Get creating!


Space Maths and Light Painting

Today, Carol and James visited Heworth Grange to run two workshops.

We did Space Maths – for more on that, check out our page of extra activities. Trust us, you really want to follow the link to the ‘Tediously accurate scale model of the solar system.” No, really.

We also did light and photography: we’ve another page of extra material around light painting, including some jaw-dropping videos. Here are the light painting photos you took in the workshop:

Great to meet you all today. We enjoyed working with you, and hope we’ll be back soon!


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Light Painting

Exploring the science behind photography by looking at the electromagnetic spectrum, and how we can use it.