23rd March – Pathways Day Y9

Today we’ve been asking the big question: why study STEM subjects? I could have gone on all day (I’m sure you’re glad I didn’t!), but since we only had an hour we had to limit ourselves a bit.

Still, we managed to discuss skills and attributes, the Hyperloop, windowless airplanes, Microsoft Hololens, robotic prostheses, smart clothing, and the future of glass! Not a bad start, and we’ve only just scratched the surface of where STEM subjects can take you!

Have a look over at our careers case studies pages to find out more about potential pathways and don’t forget to have a look at our calendar to find out how you can get involved with more events and activities.

Heworth Grange Assemblies: An Inspirational Role Model – w/c 1st February 2016

Hello Heworth Grange,

This week myself and James will be in assembly and introducing you to a great and inspirational role model Elon Musk.  We are influenced by people around us everyday.  Year 7 when asked who they were inspired by named family, teachers, Christiano Ronaldo. All are great role models and probably all for different reasons.  Ronaldo for example is a talented footballer, but he also displays a number of great characteristics which make him stand out, like for example; determination, commitment and a passion to win and succeed in the beautiful game.  These characteristics are what make him successful, its not just his footballing ability. He is the first on and last one off the training pitch. The same could be said for great actresses, entrepreneurs anyone really who is successful.  Only a few people succeed because of luck alone!

Today you were introduced to Elon Musk… pretty cool guy eh?  I have added below the slides so you can have a look at all the videos and share with friends and family.  Also check out the company websites mentioned and their career pages. The SpaceX careers page has a load of cool jobs like: commercial director, internship opportunities, propulsion development engineer (making rockets go fast), or software development… there are lots on there.  Yes these job opportunities are in America but if this is the type of company YOU want to work for, why let the Atlantic Ocean stop you in your pursuit of job happiness?   This is however just one example of a cool company.  Have a look and find out what other companies are out there and interest you, thinking also about what STEM skills and knowledge you need if you want to be the next Elon Musk.

See you soon!



November 23rd: Explore Your Universe – Atoms to Astrophysics

This morning we were joined in our Think Lab by some of Heworth Grange’s year 9. We explored the scope of Physics with our Atoms to Astrophysics workshop. We discussed what atoms are made of, discovered how scientists can study things which are either very small or very big, and found out how we can analyse the light from distant stars to figure out what they are made of.

You can follow the entire journey from quarks to quasars in this animation of the scale of the universe.

Here are some of the sketches that were made from looking at our samples of plants, insects and minerals.

…and here you all are drawing those sketches:

19th November: Space Maths

Today, Carol and James were back at Heworth Grange for more Space Maths. We looked at the size and scale of our solar system (using sprinkles, no less), and got up close and personal with some meteorites.

Find some more information on our space maths workshop page and make sure you check out the link to the “tediously accurate scale model of the solar system”. Seriously, you won’t regret it.

18 November: Medical Physics

This morning James visited Year 11 at Heworth Grange to run a Medical Physics workshop. There’s lots more to explore on the subject on our medical physics activity page.

As part of the workshop, James discussed lots of different possible careers in medicine – not just doctors and nurses. There are some good examples of people working in the field at the activity page, or you might like the Step into the NHS website, which has lots of information about roles in the NHS. There’s even a quick quiz which will suggest possible careers for you. Here are my results:

NHS Stepup

Is this what I should really be doing?

Space Maths and Light Painting

Today, Carol and James visited Heworth Grange to run two workshops.

We did Space Maths – for more on that, check out our page of extra activities. Trust us, you really want to follow the link to the ‘Tediously accurate scale model of the solar system.” No, really.

We also did light and photography: we’ve another page of extra material around light painting, including some jaw-dropping videos. Here are the light painting photos you took in the workshop:

Great to meet you all today. We enjoyed working with you, and hope we’ll be back soon!